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IE3 The Week of September 21: Here’s What Happened

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Hey, there is an app for that. Everyone is mobile nowadays, so why not take advantage of this to make your work day run smoother. IE3 took a look at what apps are available and how they can improve your efficiency. Read it.

Maintain and sustain. Winter is just around the corner…are you ready? Maintenance is a great way make sure you are. IE3 shares how follow ACCA’s QM standard will help you keep your cashflow steady during the slower season. Read it.

Another arrow in your quiver. Home performance may seem like it’s just the latest craze, but the fact is you’re probably a doing some of it. So, why not add ventilation work to your service offerings? Contractor Steve Saunders shares why ventilation is one of the best arrows to add to your work quiver. Read it.

Wrap it up! Every contractor wants to get noticed, that is why vehicle wraps make such good sense. IE3 took a look at what it takes to get your vehicles wrapped, so that you get noticed while on the road. Read it.

Can I asked that? Maybe not. On March 1, 2015, employers in New Jersey will no longer be able to ask potential employees about prior criminal acts. They are the 13th state to enact such a law. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins has the details on this freshly signed law. Read it.

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