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IE3 The Week of September 20: Here’s What Happened

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Where are you? Everyone is looking for the best employees, but it seems like a constant struggle. Where did all the good ones go? Service Manager Keith Nickas share why he thinks our industry is struggling to find these great employees. Read it.

Get the hired. Again, finding good people is tough. But, it’s not impossible. Chris McKinney of Entek Corporation has some ideas for how you can find the best employees and then invest in the training the need to get them off and running. Read it.

Keeping a look out. This year has been busy on the labor and employment front when it comes to rules and regulations. And 2016 is likely going to be another busy year. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins shares what you need to be looking for as next year approaches. Read it.

Smarty Pants! If that is how you would describe yourself, then you need to see if you can figure out the latest IE3 Tech Challenge. Figure it out.

Clearing the clutter. Your productivity is directly related to how much clutter there is…both physical and mental clutter. So, you need to rid of it and fast. Customer Service Expert, Steve Coscia explains why this is and how you can do it. Read it.

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