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IE3 The Week of October 25: Here’s What Happened

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Happy Halloween from the IE3 Staff! 

It’s all connected. Everyone wants to be connected to everything and it’s changing the way we live. The question is: How will this connectivity change the way we do business. IE3 took a look at this and explains how the Internet of Things is taking over. Read it.

Get them trained. Readily available training is something that contractors always say they want. Well, ACCA has started developing on-demand training for technicians to fill that void. IE3 took a look at what Qtech is and why it is the best option for contractors and their teams. Read it.

What do you owe? While you don’t like to do it at times, lay offs are necessary. So, what do you owe an employee when this happens? IE3’s Legal Expert, Brooke Duncan explains. Read it.

Verified! We’ve all seen the little check marks indicating that a website or Twitter account is verified as authentic. Well Facebook is starting to roll this out. Brian Kraff of Market Hardware explains what this means and what you need to do to verify your page. Read it.

Stay safe. Safety needs to be important to everyone at your company, because one person getting injured hurts everyone. Federated Insurance explains why your attitude about safety is key to a safe work environment. Read it.

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