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IE3 The Week of October 19: Here’s What Happened

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It happens. And by it, we mean anything and everything. Whether you can control what’s happening or not, your reaction to the situation is what really matters. IE3 talked with some top contractors to see how they handle the one variable that all contractors have to deal with…CHANGE! Read it.

It’s time to close. The sale that is. In his most recent article, Frank Besednjak shares how to present your products and close the sale, all while keeping the customer’s journey on track and positive. Read it.

Do you need the internet to market? Well, it depends if you can turn the internet leads into sales. Marketing Guru, Adams Hudson, shares why the internet is a good place to be, but you still need offline marketing as well to succeed. Read it. 

Now is the time! ACCA is urging the industry’s manufacturers to take the lead on developing and implementing universal communication protocols and diagnostic tools. ACCA thinks this will long-term benefits for the entire industry and customers. Read what ACCA has to say about why this is so important.

Yes, you have to pay them. When you let an employee go, there are a lot of things you need to do to wrap up loose ends. Often times there are a lot of questions about what you have to pay them for and what you don’t. IE3 takes a look at accrued vacation and how you must handle it. Read it.

What’s new? A lot of things, but IE3 was only concerned with what was new for the heating season, so we talked to some of the industry’s leading manufacturers to see what they had to offer to make contractors’ lives a little easier and customers’ lives a little more comfortable. Read it.

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