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IE3 The Week of November 9: Here’s What Happened

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Reward them and they’ll stay. Performance rewards are a  great way to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. Did you know it can also help your bottom line? IE3 took a look at how rewarding your team is good for everyone. Read it.

Hand tools rule! Any kind of tool can be dangerous if not used properly. But this month IE3 is focused on making sure your employees are safe when they are using hand tools. Read it.

FAIL! You know you need social media…or do you? OK you do, but you might not being doing such a good job with it. Marketing Guru, Adams Hudson, explains why so many companies’ social media efforts are falling short. Read it.

Beware of misclassification. Do you have employees or independent contractors working for you? Are you sure you have these people classified correctly? It’s important that you do, because it could be a costly mistake if you don’t. Read it.

It can be tough. We all know it’s hard to find qualified workers, even in an economy where people are still eagerly looking for work. Steve Coscia shares why this is so difficult, and why you need not just be focusing on the technical side of things when you’re hiring. Read it.

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