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IE3 The Week of November 8: Here’s What Happened

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You shouldn’t be doing that. Caulking windows and adding weatherstripping to homes is often the low hanging fruit of home performance. In fact many homeowners do it themselves. But are you sure that is what should be done? Building Science Expert Allison Bailes explains that these really aren’t the best options and you shouldn’t do them in his latest blog. Read it.

Catch-22. We’ve all been in a Catch-22 situation before and it can be frustrating, because we often don’t know about them until we are in them. Thankfully, ACCA keeps their eyes open for these types of situations that contractors can face. Recently, one such situation presented itself and ACCA’s Don Prather explains how you can avoid getting caught up in it in a recent article. Read it.

Did you figure it out? Did you get the correct answer to the September 2015 Tech Challenge? Find out now.

Anyone got a suggestion? OK, so suggestion boxes are very old school and most people don’t take them seriously. However, feedback from your team is important. So, IE3 has so ideas for revamping the “Suggestion Box” at your company. Read it.

Sick of it. Is paid sick leave coming? If you live in Jersey City, NJ, it is. It is the latest locality to require that employers provide paid sick leave to their employees. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins has the details in her latest blog. Read it.

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