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IE3 The Week of November 30: Here’s What Happened

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What are you worth? As business owners are thinking about their ultimate exit from running a company, they need to know what their company is worth. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered. So, IE3 explains what you need to do to get the true value of your company. Read it.

Don’t skip a thing! Everyone has their own ideas about what “must” be done to be successful. In this article Dan Welklin explains the five things you simply shouldn’t skip when it comes to home performance. Read it.

Bounce bad behavior. You just want to have a little fun with your team and they appreciate it. However, holiday parties can end in disaster if there are any indiscretions. So, IE3 has some tips for you to stop the bad behavior before it even starts. Read it.

Do you have to pay? We get a lot of questions about what contractors have to pay employees for. The most recent one covered whether you have to pay them for checking emails after hours. Brooke Duncan clears up the confusion on this in his latest Legal Toolbox article. Read it.

Getting the most is pretty easy. When it comes to getting the most out of training that is. John Barba of Taco, Inc. explains the things you can do ensure your training investment isn’t wasted. Read it.

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