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IE3 The Week of November 23: Here’s What Happened

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P4P, is it for you? Do you pay your employees for performance? If not should you? There are good questions and IE3 has the story of one contractor, Tim Gray, shares his story of moving to P4P and how it’s improved his team’s productivity. Read it.

Skipping class could be a mistake. You may think that training on technical skills is the most important thing, so you may be willing to cut the customers service training for your team. That may be one of the biggest mistakes you make though. Learn why skipping out on customer service training will hurt your business. Read it.

Don’t forget it. Yes, we are talking about the home envelope for the second time in two weeks. It’s just really that important and is often forgotten. This week Joe Medosch shares his perspective on why you can’t ignore it. Read it.

Is commission only OK? Chances are, no. But Brooke Duncan clears up the pay confusion in his latest Legal Toolbox article. Read it.

Let’s keep it fair. Thinking about passing your company on to your children, or maybe just one of them? There is a lot to consider, because you are going to want to be fair about it. IE3 took a look at what you need to keep in mind when transferring your company to a family members. Read it.

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