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IE3 The Week of November 2 Here’s What Happened

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You might want to reconsider that. It happens all too often that contractors put in ERVs to help with humidity. However, Allison Bailes explains that while you think you are helping your customers, you may be creating a more uncomfortable situation. Read it.

Out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you are put in a situation that makes you really uncomfortable. As a person who is often in your customers’ homes you may have the responsibility to notify authorities when something illegal is going on. So, IE3 took a look at what you should do when you are in these situations. Read it.

You’re the expert. Sometimes you may not realize it, but you are already an expert on making a home performance at it’s highest level. Now you need to sell that service. ACCA’s Don Prather explains how you do that every day. Read it.

Know your rights! Workers compensation can be confusing, but you don’t have to feel like you have no recourse as an employer. Brooke Duncan explains what you can and cannot due when an employee gets hurt on the job. Read it.

Are you a smart cookie? There is an easy way to find out. Try solving the November IE3 Tech Challenge. Solve it.

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