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IE3 Week of May 4: Here’s What Happened

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Get Energized. Every time you turn on TV or radio, or read the news there is something about renewable energy and shrinking the carbon footprint. Since largest consumer of energy in any building is the HVAC system, renewable energy options align with our industry perfectly. Learn how some successful contractors have made renewable a growing part of their service offerings. Read it.

Reviews & Success. Let’s face it, performance reviews generally aren’t the highlight of anyone’s day. However, they are necessary for employees to grow. So, we have some tips to help you make these reviews more successful (and less painful) for everyone involved. Read it.

Up For A Challenge? The May Tech Challenge is a great way to test your team’s troubleshooting skills. Share this with them and see who can get the right answer first! Challenge them.

Tax reform…GROANOK, so tax reform isn’t something that most people want to think about, because it’s confusing and cumbersome. But for the first time in awhile Congress is taking a serious stab at simplifying the tax code and it could have some major impacts on small businesses and contractors. Read it.

Start crushing. IAQ services can be lucrative for contracting businesses. The thing is, you have to be offering them to your customers to be able to get that business. Adams Hudson has four tips that will help you not only offer these services to your customers, but will also help you crush the competition. Read now.

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