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IE3 The Week of May 24: Here’s What Happened

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Where are you? GPS on your vehicles is great for so much more than just knowing where your employees are. But, there will always be push back on using it, because some of your team is going to think you are just being a snoop. So, IE3 took a look at why GPS is the way to go to help your business. Read it.

Geothermal opportunities. There are tons of opportunities for you to boost business in the geothermal market. But you need to know a few things before you jump in feet first. So, IE3 took a look at those opportunities and what you need to consider before getting started. Read it.

Boosting SEO with partnerships. It really is no surprise that Google is making strategic partnerships with social media sites to help companies boost their SEO ranking. I mean let’s be honest here, Google is taking over the world…OK maybe not. But it’s latest partner ship with Twitter really makes sense for contractors, so Market Hardware’s Brian Kraff explains what you need to know in his latest blog. Read it.

The duct system is connected to the hip bone. Yes, that is all tongue in cheek, but it’s true a home is just like the body where everything is connected and works together. In his latest blog, Joe Medosch explains why using this analogy will go a long way in helping your customers understand why home performance services are so important. Read it.

Heads up New York! A recent court decision may mean that you need to share information about employee benefits in other ways than just posting to the company’s intranet site. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins explains what this means for you and why you need to pay close attention to it. Read it.

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