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IE3 Week of May 11: Here’s What Happened

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Go on the journey with your customers. The sales process is a journey and you really need to be on that journey with your customers, so you can manage every aspect of it. Frank Besednjak share how you can the first part of the journey under control. Read it.

Hey, Mr. Know-it-all! You know the employee who things they have nothing left to learn, but tons of knowledge to share. It’s time to get the reigned in and back on track with your company’s mission. Read it.

Where’s the air? If your customers are asking that question, they obviously have a reduced airflow issue. Building Science expert Allison Bailes shares how you can fix those problems correctly without going nuts trying to figure it out. Read it.

It’s going to cost you! An accident that is. Federated Insurance explains what it actually costs a company when there is an accident on the job. Here’s a hint…it’s not just the insurance premium increases or worker’s comp. Read it.

They’re important, too. So, why do they often get over looked or not given the credit they deserve? Who are they? Your office staff. Here’s a little reminder to not forget their efforts when things heat up this summer. Read it.

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