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IE3 The Week of May 1: Here’s What Happened

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Good money, roll over! Many contractors are great at the technical side of the business, but when it comes to the business side it’s a different story. IE3 talked to some industry experts to get their advice for getting control of your financials, so you know you are profitable. Read it.

Ring, ring, ring. When the weather heats up, the phones start ringing off the hook. So, how do you handle the craziness? IE3 has some times to help you handle the influx of calls this summer. Read it.

Danger Alert! Every technician has encountered dangers in a home. But how should they handle them? IE3 has some tips for handling different dangerous situations to ensure technicians stay safe. Read it.

Close more sales. Are you causing your low closing rates for home performance? Marketing Guru, Adams Hudson, says you might inadvertently doing that. So, he has a few tips for making sure that you are doing everything you can to close more sales. Read it.

Can I do that? All employers want to ensure that their team members are representing their company in a good light on and off the clock. But what can they actually do to make sure this is happening? IE3 takes a look at what kinds of policies are OK for employers to have in place. Read it.

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