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IE3 The Week of March 29: Here’s What Happened

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Are you will to make changes? Change is inevitable, but if you resist it, you could be hurting your company. Industry Expert, Steve Coscia shares a story about two owners who were faced with needing to make a change and when one does and one doesn’t the results are vastly different. Read it.

Don’t make these mistakes. Exit planning is a hot topic in our industry. The smartest contractors are looking well into the future, planning for what they need to do when they are ready to leave the company. However, there are lots of opportunities for mistakes, and this article share the five biggest that contractors often make. Read it.

It’s impossible. Mult-tasking that is. Although everyone thinks they can do it and are great at it. Well, Federated Insurance shares why it’s just not true and how trying to multi-task while driving can be dangerous to you and your company. Read it.

Outshine them all. Marketing doesn’t have to tough, we just make it tough. Thankfully there are some great marketers out there like Adams Hudson of Hudson, Ink. that are willing to share some tips to make marketing easier for contractors. Read it.

Make sure you are treating everyone the same. Recently the Supreme Court recently vacated a judgement in favor of a company and sent it back to the lower Court concerning discrimination against a pregnant employee. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins has the details of this case and why contractors may want to pay close attention to what happens. Read it.

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