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IE3 The Week of March 27: Here’s What Happened

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School days. Working in schools can have its ups and downs. IE3 took a look at what you need to consider before bidding on and accepting school contracts. Read it.

The limit. So, you added home performance services to your business and they haven’t taken off. Why is that? It’s quite possible that the reason is the way you are viewing the market. Jeremey Begley of HVAC 2 Home Performance shares two of the biggest reason that companies struggle when adding home performance and how to overcome them. Read it.

Balancing act. Need to balance a zone system bypass duct? IE3 has some tips from ACCA’s Don Prather on how to do it correctly. Read it.

To hire or not? When you need to fill a void in your workforce you have to make a decision: do you need a new employee or can you contract out that work? IE3 took a look at this question and some things you need to consider when you are making that decision. Read it.

Overtimes rules. The Department of Labor’s new overtime rules are getting closer to becoming law. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins explains what you need to know about how these new rules will change your business. Read it.

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