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IE3 The Week of March 20: Here’s What Happened

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Do I need that? There are tons of social media sites out there and you should be on some of them to help market your company. Which ones are best for you? IE3 has some tips to help you decide. Read it.

Subsidized? Subsidized programs that help make home performance upgrades less expensive for home owners have their pros, cons, and their place in the market. How you use them in your business model should be something that you spend a good amount of time considering, so that you make sure that you don’t become dependent on them. Marc Tannenbaum explains what you need to know when thinking about participating in subsidized programs. Read it.

We’re Being Attacked! Being hacked or having your companies secure information compromised can be scary and costly. IE3 has some tips from Federated Insurance to keep you company safe and what to do if something does happen. Read it.

Who knew that would happen? No one wants to think about their death, but when you own a company, you have to think about what will happen to it when you pass. IE3 has some tips for you to make sure that your company is run exactly how you want it after you are gone. Read it.

Email keeps customers. It costs a lot less to retain customers than to acquire new ones. So, how are you keeping your customers? Market Hardware’s Brian Kraff has a few tips for you to make email marketing a winning strategy for customers retention. Read it.

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