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IE3 The Week of June 26: Here’s What Happened

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Save yourself. It happens, once summer is over, the weather gets mild and people turn off their ACs. So, what’s a contractor to do? Close up shop and wait for the cold? No, IE3 has some tips from top contractors on how to not “fall” into a seasonal slowdown. Read it.

Get it fixed. You probably come across poor installations and “fixes” to customers’ equipment more often than you would like to admit. Sometimes it was from a previous contractor, and sometimes it was your team’s doing. Either way, the issues need to be corrected, and IE3 has some tips to help you with that. Read it.

This right stuff. Having the proper tools to do home performance testing is critical to the success of any contractor. In the second part of his three part series on testing tools, Bill Spohn of TruTech Tools, Ltd., explains what combustion safety testing is, why you need to do the tests, and what tools you need to do them. Read it.

Running out of time? ACCA’s Hilary Atkins explains the clarification that SCOTUS released on constructive discharge claims from employees. Read it.

Ban the box. Austin, TX, is “banning the box” and if you run a business there, you need to make sure you are not breaking this new law. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins has the details on what you need to know. Read it.

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