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IE3 Week of June 22: Here’s What Happened

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Don’t let it become junk. You work hard on your direct mail pieces and the last think you want to have happen is for them to go right into the trash. So, IE3 has some tips for you to keep your direct mail from becoming junk mail and instead bring you in more sales. Read it.

The only true constant is change. So, what has changed since the economy has crawled out of the recession? If you’re still around you must have made some tough decisions and some good changes. Industry expert, Tom Grandy, shares a few things that if you didn’t change, you should now, so you are prepared for any thing the future holds. Read it.

Keep improving. The best companies are always growing and improving. Well when it comes to home performance, it is not different. So, to help you out, here are some tips from a contractor that you can do on every job that will improve your home performance sales. Read it.

Be prepared. The Department of Labor is stepping up its FMLA enforcement, so you need to make sure that if you are subject to it, you are following it. ACCA’ s Hilary Atkins has a few tips to make sure that your business can pass with flying colors if they come knocking on your door to investigate. Read it.

Home Performance is a journey. Not only for your customers, but also your team members. This article shares a recent college graduates entrance into the field. Hopefully this article will get you thinking about how you can position home performance to be a great recruiting tool for your company. Read it.

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