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IE3 Week of June 15: Here’s What Happened

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Get referred repeatedly. Repeat business is great and you surely appreciate it, but referrals are even better! That’s right, not only do you get to keep your already loyal customer, but you also get to earn the loyalty of a customer that they referred to you. So, how do you make that happen? IE3 has some tips for you. Read it.

Hire some of the best our country has to offer…hire veterans. There is a constant conversation about the lack of quality, skilled people out there to hire. But are you overlooking a highly motivated and skilled group of people who are eager to join the workforce? Veterans offer great pool of candidates that companies should be trying to recruit. Here’s why you need to get on board with hiring those who have served the country. Read it.

IAQ is important. You may want to reread that sentence, because IAQ doesn’t always get the attention is deserves in the home performance market. In fact one way you can easily address poor IAQ is to make sure that you have a good duct system in place. It not only makes your customers’ homes safer, but it also makes them more comfortable. Read it.

Speaking of comfort, do you always keep your customers’ in mind when you are designing their system? This article takes a look at radiant floors and how to keep your customers comfortable and save them a little cash. Read it.

Don’t get locked out. It’s happens, employees leave companies all the time. It’s always a transition and it can be even more difficult when the employee who leaves in one of your key team members who had passwords to secure information. So, what do you do to ensure that you can still access that information and they can’t? We have a few tips for you on making sure your information is still safe. Read it.

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