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IE3 Week of June 1: Here’s What Happened

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Don’t lose your mind over it. Sometimes it feels like the flow of incoming emails is never going to stop. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your email inbox, don’t worry, you can get it under control. IE3 has some tips to help you manage your inbox and keep your sanity. Read it.

You’re overlooking the obvious. At least when it comes to diagnosing and repair duct leakage. Check out what some of things that most contractors (and code officials) overlook when working on duct systems. Read it.

Give it your best effort. Managing multiple social media sites can seem like it takes too much and not worth the effort. It doesn’t have to be that way though. You can get your social media under control by using some simple tools. Read it.

You’re not dirty. At least when it comes to making a profit. In fact, you need to be making a profit, because if you are not, then you are going to be out of business. Industry expert Tom Grandy shares why profit simply is NOT a dirty word. Read it.

Stop the abuse! While it may sound like a public service announcement, abuse from customers is a serious problem and should not be tolerated. Get some tips for what to do if a customer is abusing or harassing your team members. Read it.

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