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IE3 Week of July 6: Here’s What Happened

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Looks outside your team. Hiring from within your team can be a great option and helps move up great talent. However, sometimes you need someone who has a different set of skills. One COO shares her experience coming from outside the industry and why she thinks that you can find some of your best talent by looking outside your team when hiring managers. Read it.

Figure it out. It’s time for another IE3 Tech Challenge. Share this with all your techs and see who can figure it out first. The answer will be revealed in September. Try it.

Don’t do it all. We all are trying to provide the most services to meet our customers needs. But, sometimes doing everything just isn’t profitable. Learn how one contractor has whittled down his home performance services, so he is only offering what the majority of his customers need and want in his market area. Read it.

Could you be held liable? The answer is yes, according to the courts. Learn about a recent court case that held an employer liable for not doing anything about a third party harassing an employee. Read it.

Man, it’s hot! Of course, it is summer. However, extreme heat poses a lot of dangers to your workers, so you need to make sure they are aware of these dangers and what to do if someone gets in distress. Read it.

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