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IE3 The Week of July 5: Here’s What Happened

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What’s the real problem? We always hear about the shortage of qualified technical applicants in the industry. But, what if that really isn’t the problem? Industry expert, Tom Grandy, is a firm believe that isn’t the problem. He says its that contractors aren’t pricing their services correctly, which means they aren’t compensating their employees properly. Check out what he has to say. Read it.

Maybe don’t “smoke ’em of you got ’em!” Legalization of marijuana for recreational use has really blurred the lines for some employers. However, a recent Colorado Supreme Court ruling has cleared things up. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins has the details on what employers in Colorado can do if an employee fails a drug test. Read it.

Are they employees? California recently ruled that Uber drivers are employees and are entitled to benefits as such. What does all this mean for contractors? Hopefully, this is not a trend, but ACCA’s Hilary Atkins explains why this ruling is worth watching. Read it.

You have to sell solutions. Are you simply trying to sell your customers products? If so, you probably aren’t selling a whole lot. Solutions are what people are buying and Jeremy Begley shares how solution selling is the best way to boost your home performance business. Read it.

Do you have what it takes? To answer the July Tech Challenge that is. Go ahead and give it a shot. In fact, share it with your entire team and see who gets the correct answer first. Solve it.

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