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IE3 Week of July 27: Here’s What Happened

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Don’t make them wait. Customers and service providers see things very differently. Bridging the gap in perception will help you create long-term relationships with customers and generate referrals. Trainer Frank Besednjak shares how you can do this in his latest article. Read it.

What’s the building’s MPG? So, building can’t be measured in miles per gallon, but it is a good way to help your customers understand increased building efficiency through planned maintenance. Learn how to make this analogy work for you. Read it.

50+ is worth making a fuss. Customers over 50 are valuable to your company, but you need to know how to work with them. Just like every other group of customers, these customers have certain expectations that need to be met in order to keep them in the fold. Get some tips for making sure you are meeting and exceeding expectations on every visit. Read it.

You still have to follow the rules on Facebook. Do you think that what you post on Facebook can’t get you in trouble? It’s not true. A civil suit in which an employee is suing his employers for a co-worker posting on Facebook about a medical condition is moving forward in court. Could this happen to you? Read it.

What’s your strategy? There are many difference exit strategies for business owners. One that has some great benefits for not only the business owner, but also the employees is an ESOP. Learn what they are and what the advantages, so you can see if this is a strategy that would work for you. Read it.

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