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IE3 The Week of July 19: Here’s What Happened

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It’s time to get paid. All too often business owners are not getting the compensation they deserve. It’s likely because they just don’t know how to figure out what that amount is. So, IE3 dug in to find out what you should be making and how to ensure that you are getting the right compensation package. Read it.

In the end it really matters. Exit planning is a critical part of planning for your company’s future success. One of things that you likely don’t want to think about, but need to, is what happens if you pass away and how will things be handled. IE3 looks at what you need to have in place to ensure the wealth you have built up isn’t taken by the tax man when you leave this earth. Read it.

It’s hot and sticky. Humidity is a real problem in many areas of the country. And even though we talk about moisture control all the time, there are definitely some intimidating parts to putting it all into practice. So, Dan Welkin is taking some of the confusion out of moisture control and humidity in his latest article. Read it.

How do you do that? It’s a great question and it’s a way to engage customers. So, why not make a few videos and put them on YouTube? IE3 explores has creating tutorial videos can help you draw in new customers, simply by helping them out. Read it.

Online customer reviews aren’t the only thing to worry about. What do you do if your employees trash you online? Hopefully it doesn’t happen, but it can. So, IE3 took a look at what you can and can’t do to protect your online image. Read it.

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