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IE3 The Week of July 10: Here’s What Happened

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Make money & keep customers. Some times you need to raise your prices to continue to be profitable. So, how do you do that without losing your customers? IE3 has some tips. Read it.

Review it. Reviews are a critical part of any company’s marketing strategy. So, how do you get more? And even more importantly, how do you handle them when they aren’t so good? IE3’s marketing guru, Adams Hudson, has the answer to both of those questions in his latest blog. Read it.

Hey smarty! Think you have the smarts to figure out the July Tech Challenge? Go head and give it a shot!

Blocked. Recently, a federal judge blocked an injunction that would have stopped the Persuader Rule from moving forward. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins explains what the means for contractors in her latest blog. Read it.

There is value. WrightSoft’s Bill Wright explains how software can give you valuable data for balancing ducts. Read it.

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