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IE3 The Week of January 25: Here’s What Happened

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What’s the cost? Maybe you don’t think about it, but all of the government regulations that you must comply with cost small businesses a lot of money. Actually, they probably cost a lot more than you think they do. ACCA’s Charlie McCrudden breaks down what a recent study found when it looked at the cost of government regulations on small business. Read it.

It’s been proven. That when you have a process in place, you close more sales. Commercial sales and service expert James Graening explains why this is so important in the commercial market in his latest article. Read it.

Take this job and shove it! OK, you didn’t even get that when the employee walked off the work site and didn’t return. The question is, do you have to pay them if they didn’t submit their timesheet? IE3’s legal expert, Brooke Duncan answers that in his latest Legal Toolbox article. Read it.

You gotta maintain. Everyone knows that maintenance agreements are one of the best thing a company can have and everyone is always looking to increase the number they have. IE3 has some tips for contractors on how to promote these agreements to every customer. Read it.

Should it stay or should it go? It’s a question you may ask about your fleet vehicles. It’s a tough decision, because your trucks and vans are a major financial investment that your company carries. So, IE3 has some tips for how to make that decision a little easier. Read it.

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