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IE3 The Week of January 24: Here’s What Happened

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It’s gone. It should be a simple question: where is your money going? But some contractors have no clue why they are losing money. So, Tom Grandy is sharing some techniques that will help you figure out where you are losing money and why. Read it.

Video star ahead. YouTube is one of the best ways to reach your customers and potential customers. So, how do you make a great video that resonates with them? IE3 has some tips make you a YouTube video expert. Read it.

It’s leaking. Diagnosing and fixing leaking ducts isn’t as easy as it may seem. Oh sure there are a lot obvious fixes, but it’s the mostly commonly overlooked causes that can make the biggest difference when fixed. Here are some of the mostly commonly overlooked issues that you can fix to increase your customers’ comfort. Read it.

Who’s snooping? Being hacked or having your companies secure information compromised can be scary and costly. IE3 has some tips from Federated Insurance to keep you company safe and what to do if something does happen. Read it.

Not so high. Medical marijuana can cause confusion in the workplace. Can employees get in trouble for using it or not? New Mexico just ruled on this at the beginning of 2016. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins has the details. Read it.

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