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IE3 The Week of February 15: Here’s What Happened

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Get things in balance. We hear a lot about how we need to balance things…our budgets, our diets…the list goes on and on. But what about training? Is your training balanced? Contractor Wade Mayfield explains why it must be for your company to truly reap the benefits. Read it.

You need more than sales for success. Go ahead and reread that if you need to. Because the truth is, you won’t have any sales if you don’t have people working for you who know how to treat your customers. Industry Expert Frank Besednjak explains why soft skills are such a large part of success. Read it.

Your device or mine? When it comes to mobile devices, should a company provide them to their employees or employees bring their own? There is a lot to consider with this decision and there are pros and cons. IE3 looks at what you need to consider when making this decision. Read it.

It is the way.  If you’re still thinking that home performance is a flash in the pan or a just a buzz word…you’re wrong. Contractor Mark Pippin explains why his company decided that it was the way and the success they have had since they have embraced it. Read it.

Don’t make these mistakes. Look, mistakes are going to happen and we all know it. However, if there are mistakes that are avoidable, then you should avoid them. So, ACCA’s Hilary Atkins is reminding contractors of the most common HR mistakes in her latest article, so you can stay clear of them. Read it.

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