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IE3 The Week of February 1: Here’s What Happened

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Papa don’t preach! Instead partner. That’s right when it comes to home performance, preaching just doesn’t work, and contractor Kathe Stewart explains why partnering will help you close more sales. Read it.

Is it time to go? Exit planning is a critical part to your business’s success. If you aren’t planning of the future, you should be. The team at Honeycutt, Smith & Associates explains why exit planning is a win-win-win situation for everyone. Read it.

Pay up. This week a contractor asked if they could ask employees to write a check for their share of the insurance premiums if they were off work without pay, so the fees couldn’t be deducted from their paycheck. IE3’s legal expert, Brooke Duncan has the answer. Read it.

Those meddling kids! Everyone has encountered a customer that has to look over their shoulder at every turn, gives you advice on how to fix their AC or furnace. They can be annoying and even hinder your ability to do your job properly. So, IE3 has some tips for working with this “meddling” customers. Read it.

Three loads you should know. We all know that load calculation help to ensure the right system is installed correctly. But did you know there are three types of load calculations? Building Science Expert, Allison Bailes explains all three in his latest blog. Read it.

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