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IE3 The Week of December 7: Here’s What Happened

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This is it? When it comes to our economy this question can be quite telling. While we all probably agree the economy has improved, we may be wondering if it’s ever going to get back to the way it was booming in the 2000s. IE3 spoke with leading futurist and economist, Lowell Catlett to get the answers. Read it.

They’re a problem alright. Online review sites that is. They can either be a boon for your business or the bane of your existence. Gary Marowske of Flame Furnace explains why they are such a pain and what you can do about them. Read it.

Don’t drive your customers crazy! Actually you may not even realize that you are doing it. Marketing Guru, Adams Hudson, explains the four things that contractors do that make customers completely insane. Read it.

What does Hobby Lobby has to do with HVAC? Not a whole lot, but the SCOTUS ruling involving them and Obamacare may. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins revisits the Hobby Lobby decision and explains what it means for contractors. Read it.

Commuting while on call…do you pay for that? Compensation questions come in a lot to ACCA. So once again, Brooke Duncan is clearing up the confusion, and this time it’s about paying for commuting while on call. Read it.

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