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IE3 The Week of December 28: Here’s What Happened

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Can one tool do it all? There has been a lot of talk about a universal diagnostic protocol and tool to improve troubleshooting. However, will this come to fruition and how long will it take? IE3 had a no holds bar conversation with contractors and manufacturers to see what they thought. Read it.

A new year, a new Congress. Let the groaning commence. Congress has been sluggish and hasn’t accomplished much over the past few years. However, this year Congress is controlled by the Republicans. Does that matter? ACCA’s Charlie McCrudden explains. Read it.

A few drinks won’t hurt. That’s what everyone thinks, but it may not be true. Federated Insurance explains how a few drinks tonight can still be affecting you tomorrow when you go to work. Read it.

Paternity leave? Yes, that is right, there are lots of guys asking about being able to stay home when their children are born. Do you have to let them or not? IE 3 took a look at this topic. Read it.

They’re costing you money. Mistakes! We all make them, but some are costing you a lot of money. Marketing Guru, Adams Hudson, shares the nine costliest marketing mistakes that you need to avoid in 2015. Read it.

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