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IE3 The Week of August 30: Here’s What Happened

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For sale! Selling your business is a tough decision to make and the process to do so isn’t quick and easy. Several top contractors share what they are doing to ensure that when the time comes to sell their business, they are ready and get the best deal for themselves and the buyer. Read it.

It’s better to keep what you have. When it comes to customers, that is the truth. In fact, Adams Hudson says a retention program is one of the best marketing strategies that any contractor can have. He even shares some tips in his latest article to help you get started. Read it.

Avoid miscommunication. In  our multi-cultural society, there is a good chance you will encounter customers who are not native English speakers. How do you ensure that you give them the service they deserve and keep them as customers? IE3 shares some tips for working with customers who speak different languages. Read it.

Do I have to pay? There are always lots of questions about when an employee has to be paid and when they don’t. Legal Expert, Brooke Duncan, tackles one of these questions in the latest Legal Toolbox article. Read it.

Do you have the right training? Of course manufacturers provide training, but is that the training your techs really need? Contractor Brian Stack says, yes and no. He shares how his company filled the gaps in available training by building their own training facility. Read it.

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