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IE3 The Week of August 16: Here’s What Happened

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Gaining momentum. Running a business is a lot like running long distances, you have to gain momentum when you can, so you can conserve energy for when you need it. Customer Service Expert, Steve Coscia, elaborates on this analogy in his latest Service Savvy article. Read it.

So many options! Are you offering them all? If not you may be losing out on sales and profits when it comes to home performance. Contractor, Mark Pippin, explains why giving all the options is always the way to go to win big with your customers. Read it.

Times are changing. How are rules made and who has a say in them? All that is likely changing when it comes to energy policy. ACCA’s Charlie McCrudden has the details of what’s going on in his latest article. Read it.

When does it start and stop? That is the time you have to pay your technicians. IE3’s legal expert Brooke Duncan tackles this question in the latest Legal Toolbox. Read it.

Required sick leave. It may be coming for employees when you work on government contracts. When will this happen and who will be required to offer it? ACCA’s Hilary Atkins has the details. Read it.

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