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IE3 Week of August 10: Here’s What Happened

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Hello boss. We all know that if you aren’t talking to the decision maker, you aren’t going to make the sale. This can be tough for commercial contractors, because they are often don’t deal with the decision maker on a regular basis. However, tough does not mean impossible, as you will learn from this article. Read it.

Audits aren’t a bad thing. Energy audits that is. In fact, they are a great way to boost revenues while helping solve your customers’ comfort issues. IE3 examines how energy audits can improve your business and why it’s something you need to take a long look at. Read it.

 Who’s Responsible? Things happen during the course of the day while doing business. But the question always comes up as to who is responsible when it comes to a parking ticket, theft of customer property, or harassment. IE3 took a look at these situations and has some tips for limiting your liability. Read it.

Stay of the right side of the law. There are a lot of labor laws out there and some of them can be tricky. Brooke Duncan helps readers understand what is going on in the courts in his most recent legal round-up. Read it.

Keep ’em safe! When it’s hot, your workers face some potentially dangerous work conditions. OSHA has make heat related illnesses a top priority for its summer safety campaign and IE3 is sharing some of their tips. Read it.

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