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IE3 The Week of April 5: Here’s What Happened

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Go ahead and be a show off. Home shows can be a great way to reach new customers, but you have to do them right. Several ACCA contractors shared their experience with home shows, so you can do them right from the start. Read it.

There are wrong ways to do things. We all like to think differently, but we can’t change this fact. So, in his latest article, Building Science Expert, Allison Bailes, explains the wrong way to retrofit a furnace in a spray foam insulated attic. You’ll probably find that his tips will make you better at your job. Read it.

You don’t think social media is important? We know there are many social media sites out there and it’s hard to tell which ones are worth it. IE3 takes a look at some of them and focuses in on how Instagram could be the next thing to reach the younger generations. Read it.

Radiant can keep it cool. When it comes to radiant systems, you probably think about heating applications. But cooling a home with a radiant system can be a great option. Lance MacNevin shares when you may want to look into that option. Read it.

Employee or Contractor? ACCA often gets questions about categorizing their employees as independent contractors. So, Legal Expert, Brooke Duncan is tackling another one of these questions in his latest Legal Toolbox. Read it.

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