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IE3 Week of April 27: Here’s What Happened

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It’s for everyone!: Home performance services that is. You just have to know how to sell the services to each customer. Thankfully several home performance experts were willing to share their techniques for success. Read it.

Just a little finesse: No wants to have to say, “No,” but sometimes you have to. The key to saying no and not getting a negative reaction from your customers is knowing when, why, and how to do it. Read it.

You’ve got the qualifications: When it comes to commercial energy services, you’ll have more success if you take the time to qualify the needs and wants of the building owner/operator, before you try to sell them. Commercial sales expert James Graening has some tips for qualifying these leads and position yourself for success. Read it.

Begin the process: If you don’t have processes in place to achieve success, than the odds are against you. Learn how you can use processes to make sure you are in control of every sales and service call. Read it.

Rules & Regs. As we’ve seen for many years, the alphabet soup of government agencies are setting guidelines and rules that business owners must follow. Brooke Duncan of Adams & Reese has the scoop on some of the most recent ones. Read it.

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