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IE3 The Week of April 26: Here’s What Happened

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Constant Tug! Warranties can cause big headaches for homeowner, manufacturers, and contractors. So, why can’t everyone work together to get it figured out? IE3 spoke to some top contractors about the issues with warranties and got their opinions on how the situation can be fixed. Read it.

Yes, again. 92% furnaces are the new proposed standard for the entire country. Take a deep breath and calm down, because there is a lot going on that is going to work with the DOE. Mark Nayes of Southside Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. shares his take on this proposed standard and what contractors need to do. Read it.

Let’s get comfortable. If you aren’t using comfort to sell home performance, you are losing out! Contractor, Kathe Stewart, makes the case for comfort over energy savings in the home performance arena. Read it.

Did you figure it out? We know you’re smart, but did you get the answer to the most recent IE3 Tech Challenge? Find out now.

Credit check? Many of us have probably applied for a job and had them check our credit. It is something that has been part of pre-employment screenings for a long time. However, if you are in New York City, this is a practice that must stop. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins has the details on this new law in here latest blog. Read it.

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