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IE3 The Week Of April 13: Here’s What Happened

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Solve the mystery: A lot of home performance work is solving “mysteries” or customer problems. IE3’s building science expert Allison Bailes shares how he did some sleuthing to solve a customer’s crawl space issue. Read it.

We’re not done with refrigerant talk: Yes, we know it seems like we are always talking about refrigerants, and it’s true. 2014 is another big year when it comes to the gases that help keep things cool and ACCA’s Charlie McCrudden shares what you need to be watching for to happen. Read it.

It’s going to be an all nighter: When it comes to the refrigeration market, this could be true. Learn more about what it takes to be successful in refrigeration and how the business has been changing in the past few years. Read it.

Say it with a smile: Body language is an important part of customer service. Often times people forget that simply smiling and making eye contact can improve the experience. Read it.

Definitive Design: ACCA has been hard at working updating Manual D, so that contractors can provide their customers with the best performing systems. Check out what has changed. Read it.

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