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IE3 The Week of April 12: Here’s What Happened

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You’re doing it wrong! Social media can be confusing given the number of sites out there. And there are good chances that you think you have it under control, but you really don’t. So, IE3 has some tips to make sure that you are doing right and are benefiting from your social media efforts. Read it.

Can you hack it? Let’s face it, the question isn’t what to do if you get hacked, but when you get hacked. The chances that you will have a cyber breach are ever increasing due to more savvy hackers in this world. IE3 has some tips to help you prepare for what you need to do in the event your systems are compromised. Read it.

Marketing IAQ. Most your customers will look at you like you have two heads if you start babbling on about IAQ. So, how do you sell them these services? IE3 has some tips to help you market and sell IAQ products to your customers, so they understand what they are getting. Read it.

This is a day of my life. Every business faces daily challenges and opportunities. So, contractor Gary Wilson shared an average day for a small business owner and how he keeps it all on track. Read it.

FMLA & same-sex couples. A Texas court has temporarily halted the DOL’s mandate that allows employees to take FMLA leave for their same-sex spouse. While the fate of the decision is still up in the air, contractors need to be aware of what is going on. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins explains it in her latest blog. Read it.

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