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IE3 The Week of April 10: Here’s What Happened

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Happy family. Most businesses today have employees from multiple generations and even though the diversity is great, it can cause issues. IE3 looks at how you can keep the harmony in your business even with a diverse team. Read it.

Constant complaints. We’ve all encountered them, the customer that complains, you make the situation right, and they come back with something else and then something again. It’s a vicious cycle. So, IE3 has some tips for detailing with these habitual complainers. Read it.

What’s this? Everyone talks about home performance, but what is it really? According to Allison Bailes, IE3’s building science expert, it’s a perfect fit for HVACR contractors. So, he is explaining what it really is in this article and his next one. Read it.

Recovery. Refrigerant recovery is not a new thing, but it often gets overlooked. USA Refrigerant’s Adam Raven explains why now, more than ever before, contractors need to be focusing on it and taking advantage of programs out there to help them with it. Read it.

English only? Finding qualified employees is tough and there are a lot of questions about what you can and can’t do when you are advertising a position. So, IE3’s Legal Expert, Brooke Duncan, tackles a question about requiring English proficiency in an employment solicitation. Read it.

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