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IE3 The Week of September 13: Here’s What Happened

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It’s always important. Quality is a buzz word in the industry, but it is very important to give every customer. So, what is real quality in our industry? IE3 talked to some top contractors to find out. Read it.

Read the code. Codes are a big part of how you conduct business. But who makes these codes and what can do about them? ACCA’s Luis Escobar explains that and why you need to get involved in his latest article. Read it.

Opinions are like…OK you didn’t think I was really going there, did you? But it’s true and how do you handle the outspoken, opinionated customer? IE3 has some tips to make those situations a little less painful. Read it.

Transformation. Home performance has grown a ton in the past 10 years, but has it really changed much? The answer is, “Yes,” down in Tennessee, and Michele Thomas explaining how that transformation is helping them grow their business and help home owners. Read it.

NLRB is at it again. Yes, once again they have ruled against employers. This time it has to do with internal investigations and confidentiality mandates. What does this mean for you? ACCA’s Hilary Atkins has all the details. Read it.

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