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IE3 The Week of May 8: Here’s What Happened

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Play big! Being a small business is never a good reason to not work as hard as a large business. So, IE3 has some simple tips to help small businesses play big! Read it.

Flex it. Are flex ducts a good idea or bad? The answer is really depends on how they are installed. IE3’s Building Science Expert, Allison Bailes, explains why there are so many issues with flex ducts and how to prevent the issues when you use them. Read it.

Squirrel! We live in a connected world and that makes it easy to get distracted. In this article, Federated Insurance explains the dangers of distracted driving and shares tips for avoiding it. Read it.

What’s your value? What’s the value of your company? Does it even matter? IE3 is sharing some tips about the value of your company and when you need to know it to make sure your exit from your company goes smoothly. Read it.

Bang the gavel. Recently the California Court of Appeals Case extended ADA provisions to non-disabled employees.. ACCA’s Hilary Atkins has the details on what contractors need to know about how this effects their business.  Read it.

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