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HR Concerns for 2022?

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We are looking ahead to 2022 and trying to plan out what HR issues our company should be prepared for. What are some of the things our HR dept. should focus on this year?


In addition to the normal workplace concerns that HR always has to deal with, 2022 will present some new challenges to consider. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still being felt in the workplace and will affect HR in a number of ways. Other top concerns include a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, employee well-being, and the competitive hiring market.

One effect of the pandemic is that some workplaces are just now returning to in-person work after a sudden shift to remote work. Adjusting to working with co-workers in person again may be a challenge for some employees that creates headaches for HR. Planning ahead for this re-adjustment period may smooth the way for returning to in-person work.

You may find that some employees prefer remote work to coming into the office and that others prefer a hybrid approach, with some days spent in the office and some days at home. Working with employees to successfully navigate a hybrid workplace will be a common challenge for HR departments in many industries. The best way to do this will depend on the nature of your particular workplace.

Employers will also need to be aware of required COVID protocols, which continue to evolve based on location and federal, state and local guidelines. One particular issue to pay attention to is the ongoing litigation regarding federal vaccine mandates for large private employers, health care workers and federal contractors. The outcome of those lawsuits, which are expected to be decided by the Supreme Court, will affect many employers across the country. Other employers may be affected by state or local requirements.

Many companies are also focusing efforts in improving diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace. These efforts include working to increase diversity in hiring so that many different groups are represented in the workplace, ensuring that all employees are fairly compensated and have access to opportunities within the company and fostering a sense of belonging for employees within the company.

Employee well-being in general is something that many employers will be concerned about in 2022. Employees are being increasingly vocal about their needs related to work-life balance, mental and physical health, flexible work, leave for personal and family needs, professional development and finding meaning and personal satisfaction in their work. How to incorporate these things into the workplace culture will be a top priority for 2022.

All of these issues will also affect the continuing challenge of a competitive hiring market. Potential candidates have the ability to be selective about positions they are considering and can expand their job searches geographically thanks to the increase in remote work. Along with more traditional things like compensation and employee benefits, company culture and flexible work options will be a critical selling point if your company is hiring in 2022.

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