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How to Manage a Successful, Safe, and Profitable Fleet

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As customers are spread throughout multiple service areas, managing a fleet is inevitable for many HVAC contractors. However, contractors must manage multiple logistics such as traffic, vehicle maintenance, delays from road construction or weather, and the safety of their employees. Continue reading to learn what you can do to ensure that your fleet vehicles are running efficiently while increasing profitability.

  • Vehicle Maintenance – Is it wise to ignore signs that your vehicle may require maintenance? While vehicle maintenance will require the vehicle to be taken off the road, ignoring these signs will lead to higher costs due to expensive and untimely repairs. If this is not an option, consider looking for a shop that is willing to perform maintenance and repairs outside of office hours.
  • Vehicle Management – What are the benefits of fleet management software? If you are unsure about the benefits, route analytics can help cut business costs by reducing unnecessary miles, allowing you to save on fuel, labor, and repair costs. It can also help identify maintenance issues and difficult decisions such as fleet expansion.
  • Managing Fleet Safety and Liability – Where does fleet safety really start? When managing a fleet, the aspects go far beyond the state of the vehicle. It is also important to manage the technicians behind the vehicle, which starts during the hiring process. Once hired, ensure that your technicians are following driving standards, and use fleet management software to monitor that they are following safety protocols.

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