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Hey Ed, When Doing an Energy Audit, I’m Finding Houses With Hot and Cold Rooms

In this edition of "Hey Ed," Ed talks about doing an energy audit.

Hey, Ed, when doing an energy audit, I’m finding houses with hot and cold rooms. Could you address that? I’d be happy to. This is something that is not uncommon at all. And it’s often difficult to discern, is it an HVAC problem, or is it a house problem? And I’m not going to say this is a simple way to address it. It can be a little bit more complex. But if it’s a new house, I’m going to assume a proper load calculation was done, a proper design was done. And if you’re there doing the audit, it is not that difficult to test both. We can go in there and measure the airflow that’s going to the problem area. We can go in there with a infrared camera and look at the problem area. When we’re already on site, it is not at all difficult to address these potential issues and figure out where the problem lies. And that’s the way I see it.

Ed Janowiak is the Manager of HVAC Design Education at ACCA.

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