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Get Great Customer Service For Your HVAC Company In 4 Steps

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In order to succeed when running an HVAC company, you must deliver exceptional customer service. Aside from being skilled at fixing furnaces and air conditioners, without loyal customers, your business will suffer. Here are some ways to build strong relationships with customers to make your business the one they turn to for their HVAC needs.

Listen to Customers

Customers want to know that they are being heard when they have a problem. What’s more, they want to know that their HVAC contractor has a thorough understanding of the problem they are dealing with. If you can listen well, the customers will show their appreciation through more business. Clients will also feel confident in hiring you to perform the repair after you give a quote. Try to listen twice as much as you speak when working with a customer.

Communicate Effectively

Your customers want to know what fixing the problem entails, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. Give that information in a clear, concise manner, and you will notice that your clients are appreciative. Be careful though not to throw too much technical jargon at customers. You may understand those complex HVAC terms, but your customers need them in layman’s terms.

Whenever possible, when communicating with customers, show them the problem, rather than just telling them. For example, if the heat exchanger is cracked, take the time to show the customer exactly what is wrong. This visual will help improve the customer’s opinion of your honesty and, thus, improve your customer service.

Communication doesn’t stop after the job. A personal thank-you note after the work is complete will go far in garnering repeat business. This surprising gesture will make you stand out the next time the customer needs HVAC work done.

Build Long-Term Trust

Don’t treat your customers like short-term sales. Instead, focus on building long-term relationships. Utilize customer loyalty programs and discounts. Use their names when interacting with customers. Provide discounts for referrals. This will show the customer that you see him/her as a person, and you care that he/she is satisfied.

One way to go above and beyond is to become an informational resource. Whenever possible, provide customers with advice and information that will help them make better use of their HVAC systems. This free expertise will make you seem trustworthy and authoritative.

Be on Time

A late HVAC contractor starts the job off on the wrong foot. Your customers often have to re-arrange their schedules to be home for you, and if you can’t have the decency to be on time, then the customer will likely be frustrated. If you cannot be on time, as problems will inevitably occur on occasion, call ahead as soon as you realize the delay — to give plenty of notice.

Do these ideas seem like common sense? If you are already implementing them, then congratulations, you probably have a solid, loyal customer base. If not, try to utilize them each time you visit a customer. In the HVAC service industry, it is typically the customer service that sets a business apart, so make sure yours is outstanding.

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