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From Service to Success: Navigating the Veteran Employment Landscape

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In recent years, there has been a positive trend in the unemployment rate among U.S. military veterans, showcasing a decline to 2.8% in 2022, even lower than the rate for non-veterans at 3.6%, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While this is certainly a step in the right direction, the journey for veterans doesn’t end with securing employment. Let’s explore the multifaceted landscape of veteran employment, shedding light on challenges, opportunities, and ongoing efforts to provide meaningful careers.

A recent Military Family Advisory Network study revealed that nearly 40% of veterans lack sufficient savings to address an unexpected $500 expense, such as a medical bill or car repair. Disturbingly, over 75% find themselves in debt, with more than 80% expressing feelings of financial stress. The challenges extend beyond financial strain, as many veterans also grapple with the additional burdens of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), further compounded by the escalating cost of living and the impact of inflation.

A survey conducted by Indeed and Hiring Our Heroes reveals that 40% of veterans identify the challenge of finding jobs that align with their skills as a significant hurdle in their job search. There is a growing emphasis on adopting skills-based hiring practices to address this. Chase O’Mahoney, leader for Indeed for Military, emphasizes the importance of understanding and translating veterans’ experiences into skills valued by corporate employers, moving away from traditional indicators like degrees and certifications.

Key Considerations for Veterans

The survey also sheds light on the priorities of veterans when choosing a job, with compensation (65%), work-life balance (59%), and remote or hybrid work options (33%) ranking high. Once employed, veterans seek an employee experience acknowledging their military background, highlighting the need for tailored onboarding processes and representation in leadership roles. Check out this article from Hiring Our Heroes: How Military Spouses Use LinkedIn to Get Noticed, Get Hired, and Get Ahead in Their Careers.

A quarter of veterans struggle to adjust to civilian workplace culture. Recognizing this, organizations like Delta Airlines, Booz Allen Hamilton, and NBCUniversal promote themselves as military-friendly workplaces, aiming to create environments where veterans feel understood and valued. The survey indicates that 75% of respondents at “military-ready” organizations express a desire to stay with their current employer.

Employee resource groups (ERGs) tailored to veterans are crucial in providing support. O’Mahoney emphasizes the effectiveness of military-specific ERGs, emphasizing the importance of showcasing veterans who have successfully advanced within the company.

While the overall hiring trajectory for veterans has been positive, there’s acknowledgment that room for improvement remains. O’Mahoney stresses the importance of getting veterans jobs and ensuring they have meaningful career opportunities that facilitate social mobility.

In October, the unemployment rate for veterans decreased to 2.7%, indicating improvement despite a slight increase in the overall national jobless rate. Younger veterans, especially those who served after 9/11, witnessed a more significant improvement in jobless rates. However, there are still challenges, with about 230,000 veterans actively seeking employment, which has fluctuated over the past year.

As we celebrate the progress in reducing veteran unemployment rates, it’s crucial to recognize that the journey doesn’t end with employment. The focus must shift towards creating environments that support veterans in meaningful ways, ensuring not just jobs but fulfilling and lasting careers for those who have served our country.

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