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ENERGY STAR Certified Homes & HVAC Contractors – Partnering for Success

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Are you familiar with ENERGY STAR Certified Homes?

You’ve probably seen the blue ENERGY STAR logo on efficient refrigerators, computers, and HVAC equipment. But did you know that this same logo can be applied to a new home? The ENERGY STAR Certified Homes program does just this – defines requirements that allow the entire new home to earn the label, not just the lighting and appliances inside. Last year alone, more than 1 in 4 new homes built were ENERGY STAR certified.

With the new ENERGY STAR Certified Homes guidelines that went into effect earlier this year, the critical role of the HVAC contractor is better recognized and rewarded than ever before. The program now includes measures that leverage the expertise of HVAC contractors. In addition, contractors that are committed to delivering these high-quality design and installation services must first earn a credential before working on ENERGY STAR certified homes.

ACCA’s Quality Assured Contractor Program is one of the programs recognized by EPA as an independent, third-party oversight organization that can credential HVAC contractors to work on ENERGY STAR certified homes.

Interested in learning more?

The ENERGY STAR program has been developing recorded presentations,short videos, and other resources about the design, commissioning, and credential requirements to assist HVAC contractors. Visit click on “Become a Credentialed Contractor” to access these resources, including:

  • A 5-minute recorded presentation that provides a brief overview of the program.
  • A link to two short informative videos on key commissioning tests required by the program – assessing the airflow at the evaporator, checking the refrigerant charge, and measuring key electrical parameters.
  • A list of the programs where you can earn the credential.
  • A link to a map of new home builders and Raters that participate in the program.
  • A link to the technical program requirements.
  • A list of free weekly webinars on a variety of technical and sales topicsat
  • Contact information for the program, in case you have questions.

Why should the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes program interest contractors?

Smart contractors know it takes more than just a high-quality HVAC system to make an efficient, comfortable, and durable home. All too often, contractors are called back to a house to solve problems with comfort or high bills that have nothing to do with their work. In reality, each home needs to manage heat gain and loss through its enclosure in a predictable manner for the HVAC system to do its job. That’s why, as part of constructing every ENERGY STAR certified home, a complete thermal enclosure system is required, including high-quality insulation installation, air sealing, and reduced thermal bridging.

The benefit for you is greater assurance that the plan you’re designing the system for will match the home that’s actually built, plus a more predictable process, fewer defects, and the potential for reduced callbacks. Visit today to learn more.

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