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Matt Robbins, vice president, global product management – integrated home & building solutions at Resideo shares insights into the company’s intuitive products, electrifying events, robust educational offerings, and more. 

Resideo was created as an independent, publicly traded company after spinning out of Honeywell International in 2018. What have you been focused on since the creation of your company? 

Resideo has been focused on supporting our professional HVAC, plumbing, smart home, and security professionals. We continue to develop technologies and training so our professionals can keep pace with the consumer, stay updated with world-class training, and help protect what matters most. Our product portfolio includes solutions on the wall (like our thermostats and security systems), behind the wall (hydronic and potable water solutions), and in the cloud (app and critical appliance monitoring).  

As a company, we’ve recently rolled out our values for employees: 1. Start with the customer; 2. Act as One Team; 3. Pioneer the Future, and; 4. Make a Difference. This last one captures what we’re doing for our employees, our communities, and the planet. We soon will be publishing our first-ever Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report that is a starting point for us as we focus on producing products that are good for our customers and for the planet. As heating and cooling costs account for a large percentage of a home’s carbon footprint, our team works every day to build a more sustainable future and deepen our green commitment.  

Resideo offers a variety of different products with various brand names that support the home. Can you tell us a little bit about the brands and your products? 

Resideo offers unparalleled breadth and depth of solutions, and our brands are some of the most trusted in the industry. In fact, in addition to offering Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and security solutions under the Resideo and Honeywell Home brands, we also recently acquired the most trusted brand in home safety: First Alert. We have a long-term license agreement with Honeywell for the Honeywell Home brand, and we sell our water solutions under the Resideo Braukmann product family name. We also recently re-named our homeowner app, which now carries the Resideo brand.  

Resideo prides itself in offering intuitive products for the entire home. What is the best way for contractors to highlight this value to homeowners? 

The best way to tie the whole home together is to know your customer – so you can help offer individualized solutions based on their lifestyles. Ask your customers if energy efficiency is important to them (if so, suggest a programmable or smart thermostat). Ask if the last several years have made them think differently about their air quality (if so, suggest humidification or ventilation offerings). Ask how their use of different spaces has changed (ask if they need smart room sensors in their home to help deliver the right temperature to the right room at the right time).  

Overall, one of the best ways to discuss the options for new IAQ solutions is based on their home’s indoor air quality readings (see: Resideo’s ProIQ AirCycle program).  

ACCA attended your annual CONNECT customer event last year. Could you tell us more about the event, who typically attends, and what attendees can expect? 

Resideo’s 33rd annual customer event, CONNECT 2022 will be hosted in Marco Island, FL., Nov 10-13. The event brings together security and HVAC customers, plumbers, and electricians for training, business education sessions, networking, community service, new product and technology announcements, and to celebrate partner achievements.  

What would you like ACCA members to know about your company?  

We’re really excited about our new Resideo Academy: an educational approach that supports Resideo’s professional HVAC, plumbing, and security professionals with role-based training from industry experts. With practical learning experiences designed for business owners, trade professionals, apprentices, and students, Resideo Academy offers industry-leading product and solutions training catered to fit any schedule, specialty, or career path.  

While we love training our pros, we also know there is so much we can learn from you! We recently rolled out a brand ambassador program in select markets to add a new layer of personalization in various security and HVAC distribution branches. 

How does partnering with ACCA benefit HVACR contractors? 

Resideo is investing heavily in areas impacting the professional channel: from enhancing our world-class training to advancing the education and career progression for skilled technical workers. Our partnership with ACCA helps us support the best of the best and the next generation of pros.  

Why is partnering with ACCA important to your company? 

ACCA members are the best of the best – and heroes to your customers. We want to help enable your success through our indoor air quality solutions, training, and overall expertise in the industry.  

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