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Differentiate or Die!

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It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there for HVACR contractors, and it’s getting worse. There are almost 150,000 HVACR companies in the US, and they’re all fighting for customers. 

So how do you keep your business alive? You have to differentiate, or you’re going to get eaten by the competition. 

Quality Is Your Number One Differentiator

In a crowded market, it’s tempting to stand out by lowering your prices. But that’s not a long-term solution. It’s just a race to the bottom. 

Instead, focus on what you’re already doing—quality work. Your thoroughness and consistency set you apart from the competition and are the reason why homeowners should choose you over the thousands of other contractors out there. 

The problem is, even though you know you do better work than the chuck-in-a-truck down the street, your customers don’t. You need a way to prove it to them. 

ACCA Quality Installation Certificates: How You PROVE the Quality of Your Work

Proving the quality of your work can be tricky. No contractor is going to admit they cut corners to save a buck, or often settle for work that’s just “good enough.” And so your future customer is faced with multiple HVACR companies all claiming to do excellent work, and no real way to separate fact from fiction.

ACCA Quality Installation (QI) certificates are the solution. An ACCA QI certificate makes it easy for homeowners to identify quality work from quality contractors. With a QI certificate, your work is backed by the nation’s largest trade association, so your customers can feel confident about taking you at your word.

The QI certificate is powered by measureQuick, a cutting-edge HVACR app. measureQuick uses Bluetooth-connected tools that allow installers and techs to test the performance of newly installed HVACR equipment in real-time. It helps diagnose issues and maximize performance. Whether you’re installing a new unit or it’s someone from your team, your company truck won’t pull out of the driveway until the job has been confirmed to meet or exceed industry standards.  That means almost no more callbacks, and more comfortable and happier customers.

Only installations that meet the measurements required in the national standard qualify for QI certificates. With QI certificates, you can offer something your competitors probably can’t: proof of quality that’s been verified by an independent third party. Differentiate or die, it’s your call. 

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